This Friday only! A Pittsburgh Premiere!

A Message from Mark Clayton Southers

On Friday we present the second production of our 16th season, LeLand Gantt’s Rhapsody In Black.

 We’ve just surpassed the 225 ticket sales barrier for this event. My personal goal is 350 seats out of the 486 seats at the beautiful August Wilson Center.

 We need your help to fill the theatre up and give Pittsburgh native LeLand Gantt a true theatrical homecoming. 

 If a small percentage of our August Wilson production attendees like yourself committed to purchase 2 tickets, then we would completely sell out this one-night-only performance. I’m asking that you please trust me as the Producing Artistic Director to bring you excellent quality theatrical experiences.

 Please consider purchasing your tickets today.  Visit our website for more information and to purchase tickets.

  Mark Clayton Southers
Founder & Producing Artistic Director

The Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Co.

"There is anger and comedy in his stories, as well as charisma. Gantt is an engrossing relater of his experiences, but the tales all have a point, which while tantalizingly revealed amidst his recollections, ultimately are distinctly sobering. Exercising lightning quick changes of emotion and force, Gantt’s performance is strong and masterful."

- Larry Kubert, Lincoln Journal Star

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Written and Performed

By LeLand Gantt

Directorial Consultant Estelle Parsons

One night only: November 15th 2019

Presented at the August Wilson Center

Join us for one night only as we present McKeesport native LeLand Gantt’s acclaimed solo show Rhapsody in Black at the August Wilson Center, 980 Liberty Avenue. Developed at New York's famed Actors Studio, the show has toured the US and Canada to rave reviews, and PPTCO is proud to host its Pittsburgh premiere.

"Multiple elements combine to give Rhapsody its super-powered emotional punch, many of them concentrated in the incredible persona of its star. Charming, self-deprecatingly funny, linguistically awesome, LeLand Gantt imbues every word that falls from his mouth with all the passion and poignancy of a preacher speaking the Gospel."

- Jaime Lubin, Huffington Post